Week#8 My dad and me


For my interview, I interviewed my dad. I interviewed him because my dad has been the biggest influence on my life. My dad didn’t go to college; he lived in a small house. He wasn’t the best at everything, but he was the best at being a dad a husband and a son. When I interviewed him, I asked a lot of questions, like where he lived when he was my age and what he liked to do for fun in his free time. How old was he when he got his first car? All of things were really interesting, but then I asked him what he did before I was born; he said, “I was in Las Vegas,” but my mom was having me in Beaver, Utah. So she called him and told him that I was on my was on my way. He started freaking out because I was all the way in Beaver, Utah, and he was in Las Vegas, so that meant that he had to rush to be there for his first born baby girl. On the night it was snowing there was ice on the roads, so that meant that he had to go really slow, but he didn’t want to go slow so he started to speed. The other drivers got on the CB radio and told him to slow down. He said to them, “I can’t! I have a baby on the way,” so all of the truck drivers moved over and stopped their trucks, and my dad went right past them. He went 70 miles per hour to get to me in time. He got back at 4:3 am February 1, the hour before I was born.

My dad told me so many more great story, but my personal favorite would have to be when we went to lagoon in Minersville, Utah together. It was just me and him. We went together for my birthday. Our first ride we went on was the soul crusher; it would take us straight up shake us like at a 100 miles per hour, well that at it felt like to me. After that we went on this log thing where you go on this log down this river thing and you get soaked!!! My dad and I got hungry after waiting in line and going on rides, so we went to eat. I got a corn dog and my dad got a slice a pizza. Everything was going good until it started raining, and when I mean raining, I mean pouring. It was only 2:00, and I planned to stay there all day until it closed, but they had to close it because there was lightning!!  My dad and me went to the hotel we were staying which was right across the street from Lagoon. We did have a all year pass, but my dad had to go to work the next day, so we packed up and left in the morning.

The last story my dad told me was about the time we went sledding in the mountains when I was about 4 or 5. My whole family on my dad’s side was there; all my cousins and all my aunts and uncles. It was really cold out like -4 degrees out with 3 feet tall of snow; we had my dad’s four wheeler and our tubes and some ropes, and I was on the sled with my cousin Elijah. Dad pushed Elijah down a steep hill like the size of 2 of my houses. We started going down the hill, and we hit a rock and the whole tube flipped, so I  was in the front and we hit another rock and flipped around the right. I put my feet down to try and stop it and my shoes flew off, and I could not find them so elijah had to carry me and the tube up the hill, and that  day was one of my favorite days ever.

Week #9 Nomination blog

I nominated http://tianna6pm.edublogs.org/ because I think that she explained her family really well. I love how she explained how old every one of her family members are. I think she is doing really well with her writing. You guys should go check her blog out.

I also nominated http://megan2am.edublogs.org/ I think Megan really does a good job explaining things. I really love how she talks about her horses, and you can really tell she loves horses, so if you are interested in horses, go check hers out.

Week #7 I Went to the Zoo in Salt Lake and saw GIGANTIC Panda


big panda Scott Beckner via Compfight

I was about nine years old, and I used to love the zoo so much until this day. It was June 11, 2012, I remember this day like it was yesterday. My mom my dad and I lived in Minersville, Utah. We were planning this trip for like 2 weeks. I really liked pandas, like they were my entire world. I had panda posters, panda bedspread, Panda everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything

It was about a 2 to 3 hour drive; as we were in the car about 3 miles away from home, I realized that I forgot my panda pillow. I couldn’t go a 3 hour drive without it. I told my mom that we left it, she said there was nothing she could do. I told her to drive back, but she didn’t, so I cried for like an entire hour, no joke. My dad said we can just buy a new one at the Walmart up the road. I said it won’t be the same because I had had that panda for like 4 years, but he bought it for me anyways. I mean I was grateful that he got it for and all, but it just didn’t feel the same. I kept quiet the rest of the way there.

We were 2 steps from walking in the zoo. I was so excited!!! I asked, “Can we go see the tigers, dolphins, and giraffes before we see the pandas because I want to see the best for last?” When I get older, I’m probably just going to remember the last part of my trip the most, and I am kind of wish that I didn’t remember this trip, but I do, so lucky me. As we were leaving the tigers den, we went to the aquarium where the dolphins were. When we got there, there were like 4 very adorable dolphins. That is the only thing I kind of liked about the whole entire trip. The dolphins had these big red and blue bouncy balls on their noses; they were balancing them on their noses, and once again I thought it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen my life, and, they even made cute little noises!!! We went to go see the giraffes after that, but they were all got shipped out, so there weren’t any giraffes to see.

I was kind of bummed after not being able to see the giraffes. Until I saw the biggest, most gigantic thing I have ever seen in my life. It was a panda bear, and I wanted to just take it home and keep it as a pet. My mom was just laughing so hard and so was my dad, and I never really knew why, but I didn’t really care at the time. I was just so excited to see this exotic animal. I wanted to believe that there was a baby panda somewhere in the big cage, but I don’t think there was until this happened. The panda just made this noise that I can’t forget. The people that worked there yelled out that the panda is giving birth. I was just so weird-ed out that I told my parents that we needed to leave right away. My dad said that was a good idea, so we got in the car and started to drove away, and that is why I don’t ever want to go to the zoo again.



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Photo Credit: evilgurl via Compfight cc
On Halloween, my family does things a little different. On the day of Halloween, all my family drives up to Utah to have a family reunion.The next day after Halloween we have a really big reunion with family from all over the place like my cousins, my grandparents, my aunts, and uncles. We do it the day after Halloween because that’s the day my grandma was born. November 1 and she is the one that runs the reunions. She does it on her birthday because she thinks that it the best time of the year, not just because its her birthday, but because it’s fall, and she thinks it look like the best time with the leaves falling and the season changing. So yeah I guess that it is the best time of the year besides winter because I love winter. Anyway, that’s what my family does on Halloween. What does your family do?

Week #3

Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 2.40.09 PM

This is my pet, and his name is Pou. He is a panda. I named him that name because it comes from China and pandas originate from China . The color I chose for my pet was turquoise. I chose that color because it’s my favorite color. I know that pandas aren’t turquoise or any color other than red and black with a little bit of white in them.

Pou is a kind hearted panda and has a lot of potential. His favorite color is blue but not the kind of color I like but like the color of baby blue. He likes to play in bamboo trees and all sorts of trees. His favorite food is spaghetti. He loves that stuff. His least favorite food is broccoli. He hates that broccoli.

Pou has a brother, a sister, mother, and a father; he loves each and every one of them.He has a sister named Chubbs, and she is a chunky panda. His brother’s name is Ping, and he is 16. His brother Ping is very mean to Pou and Chubbs. Chubbs is 6, and she is a big cry baby; she cries over not getting what she wants, like if we are at the Panda Mart, and she doesn’t get a stuffed human, then she drops on the floor in the middle of Panda Mart and cries until she gets it. His mother is a dark blue panda with lots of little white hairs which she makes me pluck out!!!!! His papa is a big green and white haired panda. His papa doesn’t make him pluck his white hairs which is good!!!

All of his friends are either black and pink or black and blue. He is the only panda that looks the way he look. He kind of feels weird when his friends ask him why he is turquoise, but he doesn’t really know. He has asked his papa why, but all he says is, “Well I’m green and your mother is blue, and then those two colors mix, it makes turquoise.” But Pou still doesn’t understand and his mother always says, ” You will one day, my boy.” Which make no sense because Pou is 7, and he already thinks he old enough to know, but I guess he will never know.

Commenting Post

This week I commented on four blogs. The first blog I commented on was megan2am. She created an avatar that really represented her. Next I visited chad6pm. His avatar was really funny I asked him what his favorite season was. The third blog I visited was . I told her that I too have blonde hair and blue eyes and wear black skinny jeans on the weekends. Last, but certainly not least, I commented on

About me

     Hi my name is Destany, spelled with an “a”. Most people get that wrong, but whatever because I like to go by Danny anyways. How I got the nickname Danny was by 6th grade flex teacher. She gave me the nickname Danny because there was two Destanys and my name is spelled with an “a”, and I looked more like a Danny, I guess. So  yeah, everyone just call me that or baby goat, but let’s not speak of how I got that name….

I have 5 siblings and one on the way. They are all related to me by blood, but if you were wondering, yeah my parents are still together, and I’m the oldest. I’m 12, and  then it goes Karson who has been on earth basically my whole life except for one whole year and 6 six months, and even though I can’t remember that one year and six months, I bet it it was the best year of my life.  Then Kolton, then Triston, then Adam.

I like to play sports and ride dirt bikes and go quading. I may not dress like I do those things, but I do. I usually have my hair up in a ponytail or straightened. I wear pretty normal clothes. My normal day outfit is skinny jeans and my vans and whatever shirt I feel like wearing that day.

Some things that I like and dislike that can’t be put in one paragraph. For starters, I hate chocolate, and I know that isn’t normal, but whatever. I don’t drink milk or anything that has dairy in it besides ice cream. My favorite color is turquoise. My favorite animal is a panda. I dislike cats. I have caramel blonde hair. I have a lot of freckles on my nose and cheek bone.

Week 1 – This is Me

Screenshot 2015-10-08 at 2.08.03 PMMy avatar represents me because my hair isn’t light blonde and it isn’t brown it is golden blonde. I have blueish greenish eyes. I always have earrings in. I usually have a big smirk on my face ether because I have something mischievous planned or I am just thinking really hard. I am not tan at all; I am really pale because when I go out in sun to long, I get burned. I chose the background black because, well I don’t know why I did I just did. I have a lot of freckles on my cheekbone and my nose, but they didn’t have that freckles as one of their things.